adventures in thrifting

Read up on why you should shop secondhand, and where you should do it.

big time rush songs ranked

Take a trip back to the simpler time of 2009-2014. Here are the top ten BTR songs, ranked.

halloween hijinks

Here’s how you can celebrate the spookiest night of the year in a safe way.

written in the stars

Find out which type of cheese aligns with your zodiac sign.

4 thoughts on “blog”

  1. This is the best blog ever! As a previous First lady, I found it ESSENTIAL to match my zodiac sign to a cheese. This informed much of my life and I could not have done it without the work of riptaryn. This blog will determine all of my life decisions and my passions. Thank you for your bravery, spunk , and overall awesomeness. From the previous white house administration, we thankyou for your patriotic acts.

  2. riptaryn do you have halloween decoration ideas? Idk I need some ~inspo~ and you seem like you would have some spooky scary skeleton themes in mind. I know you shouldn’t write for one person but I am a fan of vampire decor, tinder, and weird pumpkin cutouts. Let me know! I am your biggest fan. XOXO.

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