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If you’re a late ’90s-early 2000s baby, you probably watched your fair share of Nickelodeon shows as a pre-teen and teenager. One of my personal favorite Nick shows was the instant classic Big Time Rush. If you’ve never attended a middle school dance that blasted “Windows Down” multiple times throughout the night, then I don’t even know what to say to you.

Anyway, as of late my roommates and I have taken to rewatching this exemplar serial during quarantine, and it has reminded me of how many absolute bangers this group released in its heyday. It was an extremely difficult process, but here are my top ten BTR songs, ranked.

“Big Time Rush at Walmart Soundcheck” by Lunchbox LP is licensed under CC BY 2.0

10. any kind of guy

Listen, this isn’t a bad song. It’s just definitely not BTR’s strongest. The only memorable part in my mind is the chorus, and even that isn’t catchy enough for me to tap my toes to. Come on, guys.

9. city is ours

“City is Ours” has strong lyrics and an uplifting message, but it’s not the absolute best song to blast in the car and it’s certainly nothing to write home about. Bonus points for being a song that’s not about romantically pursuing someone, though.

8. boyfriend

Another song that’s good, but not great. This one ranks above “Any Kind of Guy” in the romance department since it actually has catchy lyrics throughout, not just the refrain. Although sometimes I confuse this one with Justin Bieber’s popular ballad of the same name, which just makes me all kinds of perplexed.

7. famous

I feel like “Famous” deserves a shoutout since it’s the first song the group sang in the pilot episode, if I recall correctly. And it’s a great song to kick off the series since it lyrically outlines everything BTR as a group stands for! We love musically expositing our goals.

6. windows down

I’ll level with you here, the only reason this song isn’t lower on the list is pure sentiment and nostalgia. I have very strong memories associated with hearing “Windows Down” blasted at a school dance in 2013 and absolutely tearing up the floor with my friends. Simpler times, simpler times.

5. big night

I completely forgot about this song until I rewatched the series, and I am completely ashamed of myself for it. Absolute gem of a composition. No thoughts, head empty, just vibes and “Big Night” by BTR.

4. big time rush

As the titular theme song of the show, of course this song deserves a decent spot in the ranking. It’s not quite strong enough to make it into my top three, but that legendary opening line of “Ah ah ahah oh…..” instills a joy in me that I can’t quite describe.

3. halfway there

Oh boy. This song makes me all kinds of emotional. It’s hopeful, it’s inspirational, it’s got a groove that you can’t help but tap your feet to; it’s, in a word, delightful.

2. worldwide

For the music video and choreography alone, “Worldwide” has well earned its spot in the top three. Plus, every word of the song is absolute Lyrical Genius. Excuse me, I’m gonna go listen to it right now.

1. til i forget about you

What. A. Banger. And a breakup ballad for the ages to boot! From the opening lines to the very end, this song has me sentimental for a relationship that never actually existed and I don’t trust you if you can’t scream every word of it. It certainly deserves the number one spot on this list and in my heart.

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