halloween hijinks

We are 10 months into the train wreck that has been 2020 and believe it or not, it’s spooky season already. Although many are under the impression that fun has been “cancelled” due to the coronavirus pandemic, never fear! There are still plenty of good times to be had. Don’t let Miss Rona deter you from having some good old fashioned Halloween fun (SAFELY and in accordance with social distancing guidelines, of course).


Even if you’re not planning on leaving the comfort of your home on Halloween night, it is absolutely imperative that you dress up in a costume. Of course, you can always go the easy route and dress up as something basic. Some classic costume staples include cats, pumpkins, ghosts, and witches. Personally, I recommend something with a bit more flavor: last year, I went as Mr. Sikowitz from the classic Nickelodeon show Victorious. (I had to explain to most people who I was, but that was part of the vibe. Plus, a coconut makes for a lovely party accessory, as it turns out.)

One of the best sources of inspiration for a Halloween costume is pop culture. Dress up as a celebrity, a character from a show, or just a good old fashioned meme.


It is illegal to go through the month of October and not watch at least one scary movie. I won’t pretend to be some kind of horror movie aficionado, but my roommates and I have recently taken to browsing the horror category on Netflix and watching whatever catches our fancy. We have seen The Darkness (not great; sorry Kevin Bacon), The Lie (more of a thriller but quite good), and 1BR (we are now scarred for life). If none of these obscure titles appeal to you, you can always check out some more classic horror films.

And even if horror movies aren’t your cup of tea, there are still some great options that capture the aesthetic of the season without making you want to sleep with the lights on. I would recommend a Disney Channel Halloween Original; they’re basically horror movies for children, so perfect for the tentative viewer! One of my personal favorites is Halloweentown; it’s ridiculous enough to be entertaining but also just the right amount of sensible to remain intrigued.

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